Industry Night: Transportation & Logistics

How Will Rising Fuel Prices Effect Transportation & Logistics Industries?

Implementing RFID and barcoding technologies can improve efficiency and cut operating costs in the transportation and logistics industry, but when fuel prices are at an all-time high, what more can be done?

While consumers are definitely feeling increased gas prices at the pump, diesel fuel is predicted to rise to unprecedented heights, putting pressure on the transportation and logistics industry. In order to combat high fuel prices, some trucking companies have decided to impose fuel surcharges.

However, even with a fuel surcharge in place, trucking companies may not be able to cover all of their costs. Those in the transportation and logistics industry are doing everything they can to reduce fuel costs, such as adding skirts, upgrading to newer trucks, cutting down on idle times and eliminating out of route miles.

But just how much will fuel prices rise? And will higher fuel prices lead to technological innovation?

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