Industry Night: RFID in Healthcare

Did you know that approximately 1 in 5,000 patients who have had surgery have had surgical instruments left inside their body? Such medical malpractice can cause serious problems, but now, RFID technology is looking to change that statistic.

While RFID technology is already being used to track items in retail and warehousing, metal RFID tags are being used to track surgical instruments and other tools. More specifically, the tags will prevent surgical instruments being left behind in a patient’s body after an operation.

Until recently, medical staff would have to count small items to ensure nothing was left behind. But now, small, metal RFID tags can be inserted into surgical instruments and sponges during the manufacturing process and can be read from approximately 6.5 ft. away.

While the risk of electromagnetic interference between the metal RFID tags and other equipment is low, hospitals should double check that everything is okay.

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