Industry Night: Healthcare – Cook Children’s Health System

Cook Children’s Health System developed a way to scan barcodes on vaccine bottles for instant data transfer

Cook Children’s Health System, a Fort Worth, Texas-based non-profit healthcare system, has began to use 2D barcodes on vaccine bottles in order to streamline data into electronic health record (EHR) applications.

But why 2D barcodes now? The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently lifted the requirement to use only 1D barcodes on vaccines. Within the next year, 2D barcodes will become more prevalent on vaccine bottles, allowing more information to be stored in a smaller amount of space.

Once scanned, vaccine barcode data will be transferred to EHRs, allowing heath care workers to better manage vaccine supply and ensure that the proper vaccine is given to the right child and the date, time and dosage are all tracked. “In health care, the ability to not only more effectively track vaccines but to build this data into an EHR platform that can follow the patient is an absolute game-changer, and we are confident that the forward thinking of Cook Children’s to again utilize the power of our cloud-based clinical network is going to lead to an invaluable level of improved patient safety,” said Jonathan Bush, CEO of Aetnahealth.

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