Industry Night: Government and Global Supply Chain Security

President Obama spoke on the importance of global supply chain security.

President Obama recently spoke at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland regarding a national interest in protecting our supply chain against terrorists, criminals and natural disasters.

Businesses throughout America have supply chains that reach across the world. By having parts made in different locations, costs are cut, but a significant amount of risk is taken on. Threats such as natural disasters, terrorist attacks or pandemics could disrupt the global supply chain, ultimately affecting the goods we rely on every day.

The National Strategy for Global Supply Chain Security focuses on everything involved in the supply chain, from transportation, to shipping, to infrastructure, and urges that we adopt a strong system able to absorb threats and quickly recover from disturbances.

Smarter solutions need to be developed, information sharing should be enhanced and standards should be synchronized on both the national and international levels.

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