Industry Night: Food & Traceability

Earlier this fall, we discussed food distribution and traceability, noting the 2006 spinach scare and 2009 peanut butter recall. Now, with the recent cantaloupe listeria outbreak, food traceability is in the spotlight.

IBM has been focusing on the issue of food traceability and has developed a system that is capable of tracing fruit from post-harvest, to processing, to restaurants and stores, linking information regarding food quality and compliance to a shipment’s barcode.

Cherry Central
, a national farmer cooperative, plans to implement the new, paperless system in order to better track and trace produce in a more efficient manner.

For now, Cherry Central’s new system will serve on an internal basis, but ultimately, data collected by similar organizations could also be opened to the public, allowing for full supply chain visibility, even at the consumer level. Maybe consumers would even be able to get to discover the farmer that harvested their food through the right food traceability.

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