Industry Night: Defense & Security – RFID @ DOD

The DOD looks to RFID to increase supply-chain efficiency and reduce cost.

Everyone seems to be wanting to do more with less these days, but investing in the right technology is a sure-fire way to reduce costs long term. That’s why the Department of Defense (DOD) is looking to RFID technology and ERP systems across its supply chain, ultimately creating a higher lever of efficiency and lower costs.

During a pilot test of the technology, EPC Gen 2 passive ultrahigh-frequency tags were used to track the receipt of supplies across 26 different distribution stations, which greatly increased productivity and reduced errors.

The DOD is excited to move into the next phase of RFID adoption, hoping that greater interoperability will facilitate deployments across a global supply chain. But first, information will need to be shared across the internal supply chain, integrating the RFID data with existing ERP information. The DOD will also invest time in educating technology operators, informing them how the RFID system works and all of the benefits it can provide.

As the DOD continues to advance their RFID-based processes, many of their suppliers are also being asked to tag goods before shipping them. On Nov. 17 at the Sheraton National Hotel in Arlington, VA, the RFID Journal will be hosting, “RFID in Defense and Security 2011” in order to explain the benefits of RFID and the impact to DOD suppliers. Register for the event, or learn more about the promise of RFID.