Industry Night: Barcoding

Where is the barcoding industry headed in 2012?

While industry night is always Monday night, we usually take this time to analyze how barcoding is affecting other industries, such as retail and healthcare. Tonight, we’ll focus on the Barcoding industry itself, and predictions for 2012.

As mobility continues to expand into the consumer marketplace, barcoding and automated data collection continue to thrive. Devices such as the iPad are already being used in the healthcare and retail sectors for automated data collection, and while the barcode industry is adapting, businesses are on the hunt for solutions that combine mobility and ease of use. In addition, 2D barcodes are becoming more widely used in both the consumer and enterprise business space.

Cedric Mollon of Intermec anticipates “…growth in the marketplace to be fueled by the rise of 2D Imaging.” While Al Quinn of Motorola Solutions feels that “…consumers’ use of mobile phones and mobile barcode will continue to flourish in the retail space.”

Between 2D barcodes and increased consumer mobility, the barcoding industry should have a busy 2012. Share your thoughts on where the barcoding industry is headed by commenting below, or n our Facebook or twitter pages.