Industry Factors When Choosing a Barcode Scanner

I recently came across an interesting article in a recent post from Supply Chain Brain on the benefits of laser technology.

When choosing between laser technology or camera technology for your barcode scanner, there are a lot of different factors with each industry to consider.

Laser technology used in barcode scanners is much more cost effective, as the total cost of ownership is much lower than with cameras.

Laser-based barcode scanners are much more simpler and easier to maintain.

Barcode Orientation
If you don’t have control over the orientation of your barcodes, then you may want to bypass laser technology and choose a camera-based option, which allows for omni-directional barcode scanning.

Barcode Symbology
The type of barcode you need to scan greatly affects your choice in barcode scanner—if you need to scan 2D barcodes, you’ll want to pick a scanner with those capabilities.

However, the industry truly determines the kind of barcode scanner you might need—warehousing and conveyor applications may want the omni-directional capabilities of camera-based barcode technology, where as those in the retail industry may just need a simple laser scanner.

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