Indoor Inventory Tracking Made Easy

sky_trax_rtlsMaintaining accurate material tracking data can be difficult in the complex world of material handling and logistics. Despite advanced asset tracking systems, loads are shipped incorrectly, items get lost and inventory counts become error prone. However, Sky-Trax Inc., a specialist in addressing operational challenges within warehouse environments, has developed a real-time location system (RTLS) to alleviate these issues.

Sky-Trax Optical RTLS are able to track objects in real-time inside the warehouse, where GPS signals and other methods of tracking have proven to be unreliable. Such an optical based system is made possible by an optical sensor which provides an instant location and heading of each utility vehicle, with accuracy within a few centimeters. Load location is determined by an on-board computer which calculates the distance and angle between the vehicle-mounted sensor and the center of the load. The data is sent via a wireless link to a controller, which then collects data from all vehicles and provides inventory transaction data to the WMS via the plant’s network.

By using an Optical RTLS, businesses can reap the following benefits:

  • No need for barcode scanners, clipboards, or data entry terminals
  • Elimination of erroneous or after-the fact data entry
  • Immediate productivity gains
  • Safer operations
  • No more lost inventory
  • Improved shipping accuracy

For more information on Optical RTLS from Sky-Trax, learn more by downloading this informative sky-trax-overview.