Increasing Retail Efficiency

Apex Secures Investments in Handheld Electronic Devices

There is no doubt about the fact handheld electronic tools, has at the same time, identified high potential risks of all modern systems, which devices and assets have become the bedrock for transporting goods and moving data in the supply chains of big retailers—it is incorporated into managing and maintaining these essential tools and the consequences are quite real.

However, all is not lost, because Apex Supply Chain Technologies, a front-runner and a worldwide leader in designing automated and implementable dispensing systems, is embarking on an undertaking to provide viable opportunities for big distributions centers as well as retailers in order to secure the enormous amounts of money they have invested into the future of handled electronics and POS (point-of-sale) equipment.

Kent Savage, CEO and President of Apex Technologies was reported saying, “Our customers have drastically been able to cut-back on labor-time costs and replacement expenditures thanks to our efficient technologies.”

He further went on stating, “When we see that personnel using our automated locker systems, checking-in or check-out various handheld devices via secure ID, we consistently see a pattern of increased accountability of those devices.”

Apex cloud based locker systems increasingly maximize the efficiency of the usage and maintenance of handheld devices via automation. The technology can be incorporated in smartphones and tablets to streamline each tool’s distribution on a shift-to-shift basis, which significantly reduces the cost of replacement of handheld technology.

The automated lockers system is operated via Apex Trajectory Cloud software, which connections with each locker compartment to enhance visibility pertaining to the any device’s pattern of utilization, its levels of inventory and status (such as whether or not a device requires charging or some sort of repair).
Apex automated locker technologies immensely facilitates the operational efficiency by enhancing all processes, eliminating the time spent into manually doing things as well as reduce replacement expenses, which ultimately translates into a huge amount of money saved, boosting annual revenue.

Enhancing Distribution Centers
A streamlined distribution center in terms of efficiency and productivity need the right tools for completing the tasks without wasting time. Apex is working with several distribution centers to enhance and secure specific handheld technologies and assets that are required on a daily basis to analyze critical data as well as maximizing the flow of goods.

With that being said, Apex’s automated lockers systems provide distribution centers with a maximized control over every single handheld tool used by warehouses workers, etc. So, workers as well as the upper management, can rely on the fact that highly pertinent equipment will be available at all times, especially in emergencies, also they can rest assured that the devices will always be ready to use.

The Outcome
This will allow for an immediate reduction in labour inefficiency in terms of the time wasted into manually checking-in and out the devices used on a day-to-day basis. Plus, distribution centers will also save up on time that supervisor have to invest into locating missing devices or having to find out a particular device is malfunctioning and needs repairs at a bad time. In all, incorporating a more automated environment for handheld devices can increasingly spike productivity as well as the money.

Retail Stores
When you talk about retail stores, it is important to manage and supervise the use of critical electronic assets and devices. Apex is currently undertaking efforts to minimize the replacement expenses for electronic assets that are damaged, lost or misplaced. For example, headsets, smart tablets, smartphones, radios and scanners.

Exercising control with accurate information and data, associates working for a retailer can jump to action quickly, eliminating the need for their manager or supervisor to waste time looking for the lost asset. A lot of retailers find this more efficient. For example, some retailers have stated that this method has saved 30 minutes of time per work on every shift.

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