Increase Efficiency with Field Service Software

Miller Pipeline, one of the nation’s premier natural gas distribution, transmission pipeline and utility contractors, needed a more efficient way to record data about jobs completed in the field. For years, foremen would record the number of hours worked, the names of each crew member and the services that they performed for the day. From there, the superintendent would collect the paperwork, review it for accuracy and submit it to the corporate office. At the end of the week, Miller Pipeline used over 7,000 sheets of paper to complete the entire process.

It was clear that Miller Pipeline needed a better way to keep track of workers, in addition to an enterprise mobility software platform that could automate their work orders, but also offer the flexibility needed to allow them to modify the orders quickly and adhere to their customers’ needs. Miller Pipeline’s IT department worked hard analyzing the company’s needs and eventually came upon an enterprise mobility software that could create mobile work orders and time cards to automate all of their field service operations.

Since the implementation of this software, Miller Pipeline has experienced the following:

  • 25% increase in efficiency of field service operations
  • 90% reduction in data entry, invoicing and job time costs
  • 100% data accuracy via elimination of transcription errors
  • Invoice data accessible one week earlier, resulting in a more expedient invoicing process

Clearly enterprise mobility software was able to change the dynamics of Miller Pipeline, allowing them to work more efficiently. If you’re company is still using a paper based system, it may be time to switch to a more effective paperless system. Learn more about enterprise mobility solutions here.