In-vehicle Computing for Local Fleets

While you may think that only larger fleets need in-vehicle computing, it’s crucial to the success of local fleets as well.

In-vehicle computers help parcel and delivery services, service companies, municipal vehicle fleets and cab companies manage their light trucks, vans and cars.

Advantech DLoG offers in-vehicle computers, such as the TREK-303L and TREK-510, that streamline and optimize load planning, route checking and scheduling, avoiding costly misleads, detours or empty runs. With in-vehicle computers for your local fleet, you will experience:

• Improved efficiency for fleet managers and route planners
• Enhanced driver productivity and efficiency
• Well-rested drivers operating well-maintained vehicles help keep the roads safe for everyone
• 24/7 vehicle monitoring reduces the risk of theft

With in-vehicle computers, continuous, real-time communication between the control center and the drivers is provided, allowing for last-minute changes to orders. In addition, the control center will always know which vehicle is closest to the customer and whether the driver has enough drive time remaining to finish the order—ultimately, shortening travel and service times and increasing customer satisfaction.

With in-vehicle computing, local fleets can access vehicle data in real-time—no more fuel consumption estimations—everything is exact! In addition, driver logs are automatically recorded and evaluated, ensuring the highest level of safety.

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