In-vehicle Computing for Bus Fleets

Managing a fleet of busses is no easy task—electronic system for bus fleets need intelligent data acquisition and processing.

With in-vehicle computers from Advantech-DLoG, mobile onboard computing is combined with back-office communications.

On-bus in-vehicle computers can control and monitor:

  • Positioning
  • Electronic Ticketing
  • Internal Alarm System
  • Rear-view Camera
  • Door Control
  • In-vehicle Video Surveillance
  • Audio System
  • Infotainment

In-vehicle computers offer the ability for real-time communication between the driver and the control center, which allows for quick alternate route adjustments. In addition, vehicle information can be accessed in order to detect technical problems early and eliminate them, meaning less breakdowns and delays. A rear-view camera reduces the risk of accidents and video surveillance of the passengers further enhances safety.

Still not sure in-vehicle computing is right for your bus fleet? Learn more about finding the right solution for you.

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