Improving Warehouse Ergonomics

You’ve probably heard a lot in recent years about the importance of ergonomics in the workplace, and this is especially true when it comes to warehouses. While the costs of having poor ergonomics might be hard to quantify, it is clear that failures in this area can cause more injuries, increasing your insurance costs as well as payouts for workers’ compensation.

In addition, poor ergonomics can stunt your productivity, causing workers to go through extra steps or even taking on needless risks as they go about their daily work. In addition, when these risky moves involve your products, they could get damaged in the process and lead to financial losses.

Small Changes

The latest and greatest ergonomically-designed products might be impressive, but small changes can go surprisingly far in terms of improving your operations. Keep costs in mind and make sure that all the processes in your warehouse feel natural to the people carrying them out. You want your workers to perform their daily tasks in positions that are easy for them to maintain without feeling strained. This can boost their productivity by as much as 30 percent by reducing their movements, and it can also reduce the number and severity of injuries seen.

Study all of the positions of your workers in depth to find areas where improvements can be made, such as through the implementation of standardized work stations. This will mean that workers can fill in at whatever workstation necessary without feeling disorganized. Those who must move around a lot can benefit from safe containers for transporting goods and being routed in ways that minimize the number of steps they must take.

Ergonomic pallet jacks and adjustable desks are nice, but updating processes is a very affordable way to improve your ergonomics and reap the benefits that proper ergonomics can bring.

This blog post was based off of an article from Archon Interactive. View the original here.

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