Improving Fleet Management

As the economy slowly improves, the number of goods to deliver will increase, meaning transportation companies will need to meet the rising demand. In order to do so, transportation companies need to ensure they are running at maximum efficiency. Below are some tools and tips on how to keep your fleet going strong.

Activity-Based Costing Software (ABC)
ABC software allows companies to determine service costs, starting from initial acceptance to final delivery. To receive the maximum benefit from ABC software, its crucial to capture accurate data every step of the way—loading, departure, arrival, unloading and return. From there, time and costs associated with each action can be analyzed to point out inefficiencies.

Electronic Onboard Recorder (EOBR)
EOBR’s allow transportation companies to better manage their fleet by improving logging, eliminating paper, ensuring compliance, monitoring fuel and providing real-time vehicle locations.

EOBRs also allow companies to look at how much individual vehicles, routes and loads are costing by looking at vehicle and driver performance.

There are many RFID fuel purchasing solutions that ensure only authorized vehicles use the gas pump, in addition to providing a real-time view of fuel consumption and cost.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
Companies can use automation through EDI to help eliminate the need for human data translation, which wastes valuable time. For example, it can be used to perform regular checks on drivers’ insurance records.

Optimizing Route Plans
Using fleet management software can help create route plans that optimize and balance delivery profitability and customer service.

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