Importance of the Barcode

Barcoding, Inc. was recently mentioned in New Equipment Digest in an article entitled, “From the Beach to the Boardroom, Barcodes & Labels Keep Goods Moving.”

The article, by Jack Rubinger, delves into the barcodes’ early days with inventor Norman Joseph Woodland and goes on to explain the complex interworking of the barcode. From there, the article discusses some of the common uses for barcodes, such as for the warehouse.

What may sound like a run-of–the-mill use is actually a life-saver. The article sites how barcodes saved lives in Haiti—after the 2010 earthquakes, refrigerated warehouses were used to store and distribute emergency food and medical supplies. Without barcodes, this unfortunate situation could have been even more chaotic. Barcodes allowed workers to get the right goods to the right people in a time of need.

“With real-time access to inventory, our clients are better able to serve their own clients by ensuring product availability, reducing errors, and meeting demand. This leads to greater customer retention and profitability,” said Brenda Mikesell, Barcoding, Inc.

The article does an excellent job of putting into perspective just how important the barcode is. What do you think is the most helpful result of the barcode? Error reduction? Time saving? Share your thoughts by commenting below, or on our Facebook or twitter pages.