Implement RFID in Minutes with CaptureTech RFID Interpreter

RFID InterpreterThe CaptureTech RFID Interpreter is a device that allows companies to easily retreive data from RFID tags and analyze the data on any Windows-based PC application. With the CaptureTech RFID Interpreter, you won’t need any special software or applications because of its integration of an RFID reader, antenna, and tag data processing capability into one compact, portable desktop device. Since the RFID Interpreter uses simple plug-and-play technology, companies can begin reading RFID tags in under a minute using existing legacy applications.

While most RFID applications can be difficult, costly, and involve a lot of unnecessary middleware, the RFID Interpreter is easy to use and can be implemented in just three easy steps:

1) Plug the RFID Interpreter into a USB Port on a PC
2) Open the application that you want your data transfered to
3) Scan the RFID tag over the Interpreter and watch the data instantly transfer

It’s that easy! In addition, the CaptureTech RFID Interpreter offers multiple trigger modes and boasts seamless integration into existing applications.

Watch the CaptureTech RFID Interpreter in action and see just how simple it is to use!

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