Impinj’s RFID Brings Shipment Monitoring to New Heights

In today’s global marketplace, efficiency is vital for ensuring items reach their intended destinations. Every step along the way, from the ports to the distribution centers, must have sound methods in place for tracking inbound and outbound shipments and pallet contents. Impinj has come up with an automated RFID solution that answers this need.

Thanks to Dock Door Verification, real-time data about the items that pass through dock doors can be connected to shipping and receiving systems with ease. RFID technology is used in the Impinj platform for identifying thousands of items per second from as far away as 30 feet, even if there is no direct line of sight.

A Simple Yet Powerful Solution

This solution is not only seamless, but it’s also relatively uncomplicated. The first step is attaching Impinj-powered RFID tags to the pallets that need to be tracked. Then, readers that have been installed above the doorways in a facility automatically identify a shipment’s contents as well as the direction of their movement. This data can be displayed in most existing shipping systems, and alerts can be set up to call attention to any errors detected by the system.

One of the biggest benefits of this solution is the insight it provides into service level metrics, patterns of traffic and other analytics. It also helps ensure that goods make it onto the right truck. Impinj’s offering makes it easy to catch mistakes like incomplete shipments, those with incorrect items, and those that are loaded onto the wrong truck.

This technology also offers flexible reader installation. Having the Impinj gateways above the doorway helps avoid the collisions with forklifts that can often occur when readers are placed in doorway posts. The Impinj gateways can be placed beside, above or between doorways, even in the roughest environments.

The tags can also be used to track reusable shipping containers to keep track of where they’ve been and when they were returned, making this solution as complete as it is effortless.

This blog post was based off of an article from Impinj. View the original here.

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