iGlassware: Refill your Cocktails with RFID

Refill Drinks with RFIDIf you’ve ever been to a crowded bar or restaurant and the server hasn’t filled your drink in awhile, it can get quite frustrating fighting through the masses just to get another drink. With new iGlassware, you won’t have to worry about seeing the bottom of your glass ever again.

iGlassware is specifically engineered to determine the fluid levels of your beverage using high-resolution capacitance measurement and RFID technology. While your glass is sitting on the table, its data, or the amount of liquid in it, is transmitted to your server or bartender via a coil that is embedded in the table and powers the system.

If you’re a restaurant or bar owner, you may be thinking that this system sounds very expensive, but because iGlassware uses a standard microprocessor and a small number of components, iGlassware is an affordable RFID solution that can keep customers happy and hydrated.