ID Badge Printer Changes Dragon Boat Racing

Discover how an ID badge printer played a crucial role in the sport of dragon boat racing.

The International Dragon Boat Federation, the governing body for the team water sport of dragon boat racing, holds various races through the year. When competitors arrived at a race, they would receive a cardboard card with their name typed on it, and it often ended up falling in the water, being destroyed. Each championship had a different way of producing these name cards, using different databases.

The International Dragon Boat Federation needed a solution to track and identify competitors across all of their competitions. After hearing about Zebra Technologies, they contacted them for a solution. Zebra suggested their ZXP Series 3 Zebra Printer, a best-in-class thermal card printer.

After consolidating all of the databases into one, the International Dragon Boat Federation can now print a common card with competitors’ information, photo and even a PIN number that stays with them throughout their racing career. Best of all, since it’s plastic, it’s waterproof.

Dave Bangs, a dragon boat racing competitor, believes that the ID cards add professionalism to the sport, in addition for making it easier and saving time for boat marshals to check IDs.

Watch the video below to see the dragon boats—and the ID cards—in action.