iCandy: QR Your iTunes & More!

iCandy: QR Code iTunes and MoreiCandy is a free application that allows you to create QR codes that link to iTunes, youtube videos, or other websites. The best part, is that you can use your computer’s webcam to do all the scanning! Since most QR code applications are geared toward mobile phone scanning, iCandy provides an interesting alternative for at-home scanning. However, iPhone users can still enjoy scanning from their phone.

If you’re an aspiring musician, or simply want to organize your iTunes library, iCandy’s QR codes can be printed with the album art and then scanned, taking users directly to the track. In addition, just as with QR codes, iCandy’s code can be printed on t-shirts or any other collateral that you like.

In order to create your own iCandy QR codes, you simply drag and drop the link or iTunes track that you would like into the iCandy print bar, or directly into the iCandy widget.

For more information on how you can use iCandy, or to dowload the application, check out their website.