IBM’s Watson Supply Chain Offers New Levels of Intelligence and Transparency

As the move toward digital business continues to shake up industries, staying ahead of the competition requires an intelligent supply chain. After all, nearly two thirds of the value of a firm’s services or products is derived from its suppliers. The supply chain has an effect on the costs and quality of services and products as well as customer satisfaction, all of which determine profitability.

Managing the supply chain is a tremendous undertaking, which is why IBM has come up with its Watson Supply Chain solution to help increase transparency and provide greater insight into all of the processes and data involved in the supply chain. It empowers businesses to predict and mitigate risks and boost their innovation and collaboration while keeping costs down.

What gives this solution the edge is that it has the ability to understand, reason and learn. It analyzes structured and unstructured data alike at lightning speed, and it gives people the knowledge they need to make the best decisions.

Solutions in Action

For example, retail fulfillment experts KeHE Distributors turned to IBM solutions to ensure its logistics network runs as cost-effectively and efficiently as possible Operating lean is essential, and they’ve found this solution to fit the bill. They haven’t had any unplanned downtime since implementation, and their logistics network runs smoothly.

CEVA Logistics turned to the secure, cloud-based IBM Supply Chain Business Network to provide dependable availability of the electronic data interchange services that connect its suppliers, logistics partners and clients. They calculated that turning to IBM rather than building an in-house EDI platform could help them avoid a remarkable 50 percent in capital costs, while the cloud model would eliminate the need to spend money on new hardware or software updates. It proved to be a good move, as CEVA now achieves a 90 percent increase in reaction speed to seasonal peaks in logistics demands.

This blog post was based off of an article from IBM. View the original here.

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