Hungry for a Barcode?

Barcodes are used a lot in pharmaceuticals, but mostly on the pill bottle, not the actual pill. Now, Honolulu-based TruTag Technologies is working on revolutionizing this concept.

They recently made edible barcodes that can be used for both edible and nonedible products. The TruTag is the size of a speck of dust and thinner than a strand of hair, but can be scanned to authenticate a product.

TruTags are made from silica, an inert compound that is edible, yet durable. They are made from etching microscopic barcodes onto silica wafers, which are then ground into a white powder that can be mixed directly into food, such as the coating of a pill.

Once an item is marked with the TruTag, companies are able to use special barcode scanners in order to send information, such as details regarding the products’ time and location of manufacturing, to their iPad or iPhone.

Since counterfeit pharmaceuticals are a huge problem, TruTag hopes to legitimatize pharmaceuticals and prevent people from suffering due to fake drugs. While TruTag is currently working with big pharmaceutical companies, they would ultimately like to incorporate their technology into a smartphone at the consumer level.

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