How To Give Your Customers The Shopping Experience They Really Want

Customers today expect a shopping experience that includes seamless and consistent access both online and in-store. Building a shopping experience that meets the needs and wants of a diverse group of shoppers is a huge challenge for retailers. Meeting shoppers’ high expectation is crucial for company health and growth.

Customers lack extra time, but have access to many forms of technology. Connectivity can be a great asset to both shoppers and retailers. Convenience is high on the list of demands made by customers when shopping via technology.

Delivery: Fast And Cheap

Receiving a purchase quickly and inexpensively is another demand made by shoppers. In fact, in a recent survey by Zebra, 77.8% of shoppers ranked the delivery window as somewhat or extremely important to them. Customers also want to have choices about where they have the product delivered. They want to know whether the product is available in advance, as well. Only 25.8% of respondents were very satisfied with delivery speed, and only 18.3% were very satisfied with delivery cost.

Creating a delivery method to meet the demands of their customers is a formidable challenge for retailers. They need to make sure that their methods are sustainable. Establishing a price for faster delivery that their customers will accept, discovering price categories that are eligible for faster delivery, and working through logistics models that have the potential to facilitate faster deliveries are all valuable ideas worth exploring.

Customers Want Delivery Options

Customers demand a wide selection of delivery options when making a purchase each time they make a purchase. Flexibility when it comes to collecting the product, speed with which the product is delivered, and choices when it comes to how to order the product are all very important to customers when shopping.

The survey results showed that 55% of customers want to be able to have products shipped to their home when shopping online. 20% prefer to pick up their order in the store, and 18% would like shop in the store, but have their purchases delivered to their homes.

How To Simplify In-Store Fulfillment

Many retailers can’t support next day delivery at no charge to the customer. Many retailers charge for deliveries under a certain price point. Online retailers are working to make next day or even next hour deliver a reality. Amazon’s launch of Prime Now in London in the summer of 2015 was a huge success, and the program is rolling out in other cities in the UK. Same-day delivery is highly sought after among customers and is becoming a point of competition among retailers.

Instead of patching together a system than may or may not work consistently, retailers should focus on one integrated and consolidated system that allows them to fulfill orders quickly, efficiently, and accurately.

An in-store fulfillment process that begins with only a few stores will help test the system and reveal weaknesses without having a large-scale negative impact on customers.

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