How to do Customer Engagement Better

Building Relationships, Creating Memorable Experiences and Connecting With Consumers

The most commonly asked questions asked by consumers usually include: Is this available in a different size? Is it available in a different color? What price is this item? Do you know whether your associates are prepared to answer, or do you have the capacity to allow shoppers to use apps to get any answers themselves?

Perhaps your associates should be armed with enterprise-level tablets that allow them to access information about products, the status of inventory across the enterprise, plus having the capacity to process payments anywhere in the store. Maybe you could also use interactive kiosks to allow shoppers to access answers to their questions and guest Wi-Fi can also keep them connected to friends via the Internet while they are still on the premises. Tools such as these will go a long way to creating a more personalized shopping experience, which will drive sales up and keep customers coming back for more.

The Scenario
Imagine a customer entering your store. This is one of your most loyal customers, and they already have the store app installed on their smartphone and have already opted in to accessing the guest Wi-Fi. Once connected, stores will be able to see shopper history and which items exactly customers have been searching for. This information can then be used to better help the customer find what they need.

The Solution
By utilizing Bluetooth technology, beacons and Wi-Fi, the customer can be marketed to directly using Zebra’s MPact Platform for Mobile Marketing. The targeted messages stores are able to provide will help the customer find their way around the store and provide specific deals for just one day. Time spent pondering will also trigger and alert, which will be relayed to an attendant who can ask if they need any help. The shop attendant can use their mobile device to check what inventory is available and if there is one item that is not available, but is located somewhere nearby, it can be shipped and delivered on demand.

The benefits of these systems, aside from increased sales and boosting consumer satisfaction, include better engagement with customers, empowerment of staff and facilitating new sales channels

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