How Thermal Labels are Made with Zebra – Video of the Week

This Week’s Video
Another Thursday has rolled around, so it’s time for another installment in our Video of the Week series. Each Thursday, we are bringing you a new post and video to give you the inside scoop on all things new and exciting in the supply chain world! If you missed last week’s video, you can find it here. In today’s video, we are featuring one of our partners, Zebra Technologies.

How It’s Made
How does a large, plain roll of paper become a full set of brightly-colored, carefully-printed labels? Zebra combines innovative technology with years of experience to create solutions for your business.

In order to create industry-leading labels, Zebra uses industry-leading technology. A flexographic press and pressure-sensitive label material begin the process. Next, thermal-compatible inks and varnishes are transferred using color printing plates. A rotary die cuts the label into its precise shape. Finally, rewind/finishing equipment ensures continuous operation of the press, so that the process can repeat and more labels can be made.

Zebra is certified to ISO 9001:2015. This means that 23 different quality checks are performed during the manufacturing of the labels, so you can be sure you receive a label that is accurate.

Now Screening…
Press play on the video below to see the label making process unfold! Don’t forget to contact us here at Barcoding, Inc. for all your Labeling & Printing solutions. From label analysis, to custom labels, and more, let our team of experts be your trusted partner.

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