How Nickolas Savko & Sons Successfully Manage Inventory

With constant stock-outs, lost or missing tools, and supplies running out at the most inconvenient times, fleet manager Charlie Wolf knew that an effective way to manage inventory would be welcome at Nickolas Savko & Sons. In business since 1946, this site development contractor in Columbus, Ohio, has 300 employees and over 600 pieces of heavy tools, trucks, and equipment. Managing inventory, maintaining equipment, and keeping crucial supplies stocked and ready is a cornerstone of the company’s success and is important to their continued growth.

Wolf instigated the change that brought the Axcess 6027 automated locker to Nickolas Savko & Sons. Before long, they had three of these popular automated lockers, and their inventory woes were over. Mechanics check out the tools they need when they need them, and return them when they are finished. Wolf receives notifications when something goes missing or is overdue. Employee accountability is important when managing such a large staff and many individual pieces of important equipment. The new system is transparent, so the staff takes responsibility for keeping things organized.

With clear doors and lit compartments, it’s easy to find any necessary tool or piece of equipment. Mechanics spend less time walking around the facility looking for a specific tool. They simply enter their PIN and supply number and the correct door opens, allowing them access to the tool they need. Trajectory Cloud records the transaction and Wolf can check the whereabouts of any piece of inventory 24/7 from any internet connection.

The system makes reordering important supplies easy, as well. Wolf sets minimum stock numbers for each item and receives a text alert or email when the supply runs low. This gives him time to reorder before low supply slows down his staff. With stock-outs completely eliminated, he can pursue lower prices on parts and supplies and never has to pay extra for a rush delivery.

With full control over supplies, tools, and equipment, Wolf is pleased with the system after their first year of use. “With the Apex system, it’s easier to focus on the work and get things done,” he says.

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