How Much is IoT Worth to You?

Tech-giant IBM recently invested $3 billion on a dedicated IoT business group. IBM plans to focus its efforts of building a cloud-based unified platform of industry-specific tools that customers and partners can build IoT applications with. IBM is partnering with Twitter, AT&T and ARM to create an “IoT ecosystem.”

Many companies are trying to be a part of the IoT game—they all want to be able to say they have the right solution. But companies with a clear idea of how they plan to incorporate IoT into their business models and perhaps partnering with nimble startups will be most successful.

The novelty of IoT, combined with a lack of standards, privacy concerns, and uncertainty about how sensor data can be used to make money, are all risks.

However, with giants such as IBM pouring money into IoT, we can be sure that these uncertainties will ultimately be smoothed out, and IoT will be here to stay.

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