How Manufacturers Use Mobile Apps

Everyone with a smartphone has apps on their phone, and uses them frequently. If you count all the smartphones in the world, that’s a lot of apps. As a result, we are becoming more mobile centric and using apps for a wide range of tasks.

While apps have been prevailing in personal and social lives, it’s been harder for the business community to use them with as much success. That’s not to say that there is not a need for apps in the business world, it’s just that it’s harder to match them to the day-to-day tasks faced by businesses, and there are many problems still to be solved by mobile applications and technology.

Paper is still the preferred choice for a lot of people in manufacturing, but it grows in piles and is very hard to manage. Here are a few use-cases for mobile tech in manufacturing which may be transferable to other industries:

Mobile Inspecting
Inspecting forklifts at the end of each shift can create a mountain of paper. With the use of mobile technology, inspectors could swipe the machine and have all the data there in front of them on their device, with all the static information such as chassis number auto-filled, so the inspection is now merely a tick-box task.

Controlling Quality
Paper checklists for controlling quality can often lead to inaccurate data due to human error in the rush to make a record while stock rushes by on the conveyor. By using a mobile device, the process of inspection will be sped up greatly. The information from the final inspection can then be emailed to a central folder and stored on servers, greatly reducing the mountains of paper.

Work Orders for Maintenance
Keeping up with these can use a lot of ink and wear out printers much earlier than they should be. Mobile applications eliminate the need for this process and will save money on ink and printers, with the added bonus of being able to send work order to the maintenance crew as soon as they are filled out. This means that they have all the information they need to carry out repair work as soon as the problem has been recognized. As a bonus brought about by computer technology, timers can be built in to the forms to confirm the efficiency of these processes.

Think there’s not an app for that? Contact us to find out how a custom mobile application can easily be built to fit your needs.

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