How Long-Range Barcode Scanning Can Improve Warehouse Operations

Warehouses are changing so quickly in modern times thanks to rapid-fire technological developments that it can be hard to stay on top of the latest innovations. One thing has not changed, however, and that is the desire of customers to get their goods as quickly as possible.

To meet this demand, warehouses need technology that allows them to streamline their workflows and gain better item visibility. Vertical space is increasingly being used to boost inventory capacity, but these higher shelves can pose a challenge to short-range barcode scanners.

Long-range barcode scanners, on the other hand, can answer this and many other common challenges with ease. Here is a look at how long-range scanning technology has an edge over short-range scanners.

Error Reduction and Speed

While barcode scanning in general is more accurate than traditional data acquisition methods, long-range scanners that use omnidirectional scanning technology have an edge over their short-range counterparts in this department. The need to line up the barcode with the scanner becomes a thing of the past, speeding up the process and enhancing productivity.

In addition, forklift drivers can scan right from the cab, with long-range barcode scanners able to identify barcodes from as far away as 50 feet – even through a few layers of shrink wrap. This makes them particularly suited to large-scale and time-sensitive operations.

Long-term Performance and Resilience

Long-range technology can perform continuously. Conditions like dim lighting are no obstacle for long-range scanners, and their ability to scan sequentially means that operators can simply hold down the trigger in order to identify several items at once. They can withstand irregaular temperatures, and their shock tolerance means they can handle significant drops without missing a beat.

When long-range scanning technology is correctly deployed and used, warehouses can note improvements in performance, productivity and efficiency, making this one very smart move for improving the bottom line.

This blog post was based off of an article from Zebra Technologies. View the original here.

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