How IoT Will Impact Our Lives

The Internet of Things (IoT) is rapidly infiltrating itself into our daily lives. Internet-enabled devices, from refrigerators to watches are able to connect via Wi-Fi and make our lives easier. The Internet of Things is the next big thing and it’s here—making our communities more efficient, accurate and connected for a better future.

Here are some of the top projected areas where the Internet of Things will impact our lives.

Businesses will be able to leverage IoT retail applications to gain a more in-depth look at customer purchasing behavior and create a more personalized consumer experience.

As infrastructure across the country ages and needs replacing, cities can look to the IoT to provide real-time information on structural integrity and usage, creating a safer and more efficient environment.

Uber is already making waves in combining technology and transportation, but will IoT be able to take things to the next level with self-driving cars?

As educators continue to seek more interactive and personalized teaching methods, IoT will become a major focus of many schools. Future education systems could use IoT to allow students to learn from any device, even personal. IoT could recognize learning preferences and track educational data throughout their schooling.

Today’s IoT homes may include intelligent climate control or security options, but the next step would be to have a home filled with IoT-enabled devices. IoT would connect people to their appliances, making sure everything is updated and in working order.

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How Do You Feel About IoT
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It’s creepy and I don’t want it to become the next big thing.
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