How Has Apple Influenced Enterprise Software Development?

It’s no doubt that Apple has revolutionized the consumer experience, but how have they affected the enterprise?

Our friends at Software Advice recently posted an intriguing article on how Apple has influenced enterprise software development.

Before Apple’s consumer innovation, enterprise software would drive consumer software, but now, the tables have turned. Today’s enterprise developers are now looking to Apple for inspiration in both design and user experience. The age of IT only approving Apple products for designers is over—today, 92% of Fortune 500 companies are testing or deploying the iPad.

Because of this, enterprise software developers are turning to Apple for:

  • A mobile user experience that mirrors the look and feel of Apple iOS
  • Creating an ecosystem of mobile app develops
  • Selling apps in their own enterprise marketplace

When it comes to design, Apple has set the precedent for look and feel, influencing everything from typography, to minimalistic style. With the advent of mobile apps, Apple design started the “Web 2.0” look—rounded corners, glossy buttons, and who could forget, reflections. Once the Apple look was mimicked by designers, developers began to mimic the user experience on Apple’s belief that everything should be intuitive.

Today, enterprise developers such as Salesforce and SAP provide app developers with a native platform to expand upon. In fact, developers have created more than 1,300 apps for Salesforce customers, mimicking the idea of opensource development and the app marketplace.

While Android phones are gaining popularity in the consumer marketplace, Apple’s iPhone was still the first popular consumer-grade smartphone that now drives the way we live, work and play.

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