How Does Santa Do It?

Santa delivers presents to the children of the world in one night. While some say its magic, we know it’s through a good WMS, fleet management and asset tracking.

Ever wonder how Santa delivers all those presents in one night—how does he remember who gets what and how does he get around so quickly?

Long before Christmas, Santa and his elves are preparing for the big day in the workshop. 1 year old boy toy ideas become a reality, when you see Santa and his helpers at the mall, they not only listen to what kids want, but are sending requests back to elves in the workshop in real-time using field service software on a mobile computer. Once the request is sent, the name of the child is automatically added to their database and cross-checked to see if the child was naughty or nice.

As you can imagine, Santa’s workshop is very large, so he uses a Workshop Management System (WMS [Warehouse Management System]) to keep track of all of the toys and supplies needed to create them. The WMS ensures that all of Santa’s toys are put on the right shelves so that when it comes time for the holiday season, they are easy to find, pick and pack.

Christmas Eve is Santa’s busiest day—he has to travel the world in order to deliver presents to all of the good boys and girls. This seemingly impossible task for Santa and his reindeer is made possible through fleet management software. The fleet management software helps Santa create an optimized route plan that takes into consideration how many presents can fit into the sleigh, the number of trips down chimneys needed, time zones and more.

While Santa and his reindeer are out delivering the gifts, the elves in the workshop are making sure that everything gets delivered to the right place at the right time through package tracking software.

Although Santa’s day is busy, he makes it work by using the right technology so as to not disappoint any of the little ones. Have a warehouse, inventory or mobile fleet that just might be as busy as Santa’s? Contact us to see how you can streamline your processes and become more efficient—delivering toys to all of the world’s children in one night is no easy task, but Barcoding. Inc. is always up for the challenge.