How Advanced Barcode Technology Can Help Your Business

Time is money.  So increasing productivity will naturally save your business money, and this is one of the most important benefits provided by advanced barcode technology.  Barcodes offer 99.9 percent data accuracy, so in addition to improving labor productivity, barcodes increase accuracy and reduce common key-data entry mistakes.  Businesses should work to implement barcode systems whenever possible and should seek to add advanced data collection technologies as well.  I recently read an interesting Zebra white paper titled “Enterprise-Wide Data Collection and Barcode Printing for Superior Supply Chain Management” and decided to compile several examples of how advanced barcode technology can help your business.

 Receiving Applications– The use of 2D barcode labels on shipments provides additional room for important information that improves productivity and lowers costs.  Receiving workers can be directed to specific putaway locations and the higher level of lot tracking can facilitate timely recalls.

RFID– RFID technology requires no line of sight between the object and the reader, offering a multitude of benefits.  Whole pallet loads can be identified in the time it takes to scan one barcode.

 Materials Management-Barcoding is essential for businesses that have thousands of parts to locate and move in and out of inventory.  Inventory routing instructions can be encoded in a barcode label and warehouse workers can use mobile devices to record an items arrival.  Once in it’s proper location, the items shelf life, predicted consumption schedule and putaway location can be recorded.

Production Line Applications-Barcode systems can enable businesses to track raw materials through to finished goods.  Barcode-based production tracking systems can determine the exact pallets and specific stores that goods with certain materials have been shipped to.

Quality Control– An advanced barcode print system enables your business to encode an items production history and test results in a 2D barcode.  The entire production life of an item can be reviewed by simply scanning the barcode.

Standard barcode systems have the ability to improve data and increase productivity, but advanced barcode technology offers even more benefits when implemented correctly.  The following link will take you to the Zebra white paper that I referenced for this post,  it has a lot of good information about various ways that advanced barcode technology can improve your business.

Zebra White Paper

 If you’re thinking of adding any of the latest barcode technologies and have more questions please contact me.

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