Horse Meat in the Supply Chain

You’ve probably heard about the recent horse meat scandal in the news. But did you think that its effects could have been lessened, or even prevented, with better supply chain logistics?

The European Union’s food labeling and complex supply chain is now under severe scrutiny because of horsemeat found in processed foods. Even trusted brand, Nestle, removed pasta meals from stores in Italy and Spain. Thankfully, Nestle is confident that their American products were unaffected since they do not use meat sourced from Europe in the U.S.

In Britain, officials are still trying to trace the horsemeat through a highly complicated supply chain. Although tough traceability rules were created for fresh beef after the mad cow disease outbreak, similar rules are not in effect for processed food.

“The horse meat scandal should result in a Europe-wide comprehensive legislation on ‘origin labeling’ for all meat in processed foods, and a better E.U. enforcement procedure,” said Glenis Willmott, the leader of the British Labour Party’s members of the European Parliament.

Hopefully the horse meat issue will stem a closer look, globally, on the importance of food traceability.