Honeywell’s Workflow Solutions Can Dramatically Improve Productivity

Optimize your distribution center with help from industry leader Honeywell. Their range of integrated workflow solutions can help businesses get results by creating a faster workforce that is also more flexible and accurate.

Forklift Solutions

Forklifts are no longer mere material handling vehicles; they are also information technology platforms that can make use of barcode scanners, RFID and computers to get the most out of operations. Whether you want to automatically track vehicle locations or verify pallet IDs, there is a connected option that can meet your goals. With Honeywell’s solutions, boosting workflow productivity is a snap. Their offerings can help increase safety and compliance, cut material handling expenses, raise order fulfillment rates, keep misshipments to a minimum and reduce expenses.

Voice Picking Solutions

As customers expect faster deliveries than ever before, big distribution centers are making use of cutting-edge, voice-enabled solutions like those offered by Honeywell to bring warehouse efficiency to new heights. With Vocollect from Honeywell, piece picking mobile workers can note a 25 percent productivity improvement, while using pull carts to pick multiple orders can help keep travel time down. Case picking is a breeze because Vocollect keeps workers’ eyes off the screen, which can also help keep accidents to a minimum. Vocollect also enables workers to capture exact packing unit weights during picking to ensure boxes are priced accurately without needing to weigh orders.

Grocery and Foodservice Distribution Solutions

Grocery and foodservice distributors work on small margins, which means productivity and accuracy must be completely optimized. Innovative products from Honeywell like Vocollect can help improve the bottom line. Vocollect offers a voice-directed and hands-free solution that helps more than a million workers to move $5 billion in goods each day.

With margins this slim and competition this fierce, there is no room for error in the modern business world. Honeywell knows how to help businesses get that all-important performance edge.

This blog post was based off of an article from Honeywell. View the original here.

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