Honeywell’s All-Star 2D Imager Module

If your company is looking for a self-contained 2D barcode scanner that can be easily integrated into fixed mount enclosures, the CF3680 2D Imager Module for Customer-Facing Designs from Honeywell is the ideal choice for a variety of applications. This module can help speed up the design process while bringing down the product’s total overall cost.

It doesn’t matter if it is decoding a mobile screen, a card, or paper; the end user can read any standard 2D or 1D barcodes simply by touching or even merely approaching the device’s exit window. The imager module makes use of advanced Honeywell decoding technology, making it ideal for a variety of international customer-facing OEM operations like access control, fast food self-ordering kiosks, vending machines, and other types of self-service kiosks.

Sturdy and Easy to Install

The self-contained units are quick and easy to install. They consist of housing, decoded 2D optics, a USB interface board with mounting holes, and an exit window that is made of tempered glass and can resist scratches to provide maximum durability. This exit window boasts dimensions that comply with the requirements set forth by the European Vending Association (EVA).

This laser-free module uses white LED. It has a mirror to deflect the illumination of direct LED, which means blurriness is not a problem. Moreover, the configurable motion detector will only illuminate the LED when an end user approaches its near-field zone, which ranges from 0 to 12 inches.

This sturdy device can withstand operating temperatures that range from 14 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit, and it can be stored at temperatures of anywhere from -40 to 140 degrees. Moreover, it can handle humidity levels that are as high as 95 percent. Best of all, it comes with a 15-month limited warranty that begins on the date the product is shipped from Honeywell to the consumer.

This blog post was based off of an article from Honeywell. View the original here.

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