Honeywell Stratos 2700 Bioptic Scanner

Honeywell recently introduced the Stratos 2700 bioptic scanner. Using laser and imaging technologies, the Stratos 2700 is ideal for retailers who want the ability to scan 1D and 2D barcodes in print and on screen with one device.

This hybrid scanner/imager allows retailers to quickly and easily scan any barcode, saving cashiers and customers time at checkout.

The Stratos 2700 also incorporates a LCD display that, when combined with an off-the-shelf camera, creates a monitoring system that can help to reduce the amount of missed items in the cart.

“The Stratos 2700 enhances the checkout experience for in-store customers, cashiers and IT support with a quicker, more accurate checkout process and a wide selection of add-ons and applications to address future needs,” said Taylor Smith, director of product management, Honeywell Scanning & Mobility.

The Stratos 2700 will begin shipping in January, 2013.

Learn more about the Stratos 2700.