Honeywell MS7580 Genesis

As more and more marketers continue to pursue mobile couponing, or 1D barcodes that appear on a shoppers cell phone, in addition to QR codes, there has been an increased need from retailers for a scanner that has the capability to scan 1D barcodes (both on and off screen, PDF barcodes and 2D barcodes.

I introduce the Honeywell MS7580 Genesis, a presentation area imaging scanner designed to decode 1D, PDF and 2D barcodes. In addition, the MS7580 features:

  • Activation button support for menu-scanning and other targeted scanning applications
  • Four dedicated memory banks
  • Automatic cable detection and configuration
  • Shielded LEDs
  • Ability to capture seven barcodes in one flash and output data in any predetermined order

These features allow the Honeywell MS7580 Genesisb to excel at scanning coupons and mobile tickets directly from the screen of virtually any mobile device. But don’t just take my word for it, see it in action:

For more information on Honeywell and their products, learn more here.