Home Depot Deploys Motorola’s First Phone

Home Depot recently deployed First Phone, a handheld device from Motorola, and has experienced excellent results. The rollout was the largest in retail history and has helped Home Depot reach significant goals. To start, more than half of their store payroll is now allocated to customer interaction, rather than task-basked activities.

First Phone will also allow Home Depot to focus on improving their special order capabilities, making it easier for customers to buy non-stock items. In addition, Home Depot will allow store managers to gain greater financial visibility, helping them better control expenses. Prior to implementing First Phone, they would have to wait until the 15th of each month to see expenses from the previous month, but now, they practically receive a real-time view.

Deploying First Phone at Home Depot allowed workers to perform more efficiently and save the company money. Find out how implementing a similar solution can work for your company by contacting us.