Hobart Combi Ovens Now Include Barcode Scanners

barcode scanning ovenHobart recently introduced a new industrial combi oven, available in both gas and electric, that includes a barcode scanner, providing consistent results every time. Each oven allows for three cooking modes—convection, steam and combination mode. By scanning a barcode and pressing start on the oven, perfectly cooked meals are a possibility every time. In addition, the Hobart Combi Oven allows users to turn recipes into barcodes for easy creation of anything.

Once a barcode is scanned, the combi oven automatically loads a cooking program, causing the oven to preheat at the perfect rate and temperature. In addition, there’s built-in Bluetooth technology, allowing users to transmit barcode recipes to the combi oven, or even extract recipes from the oven with a Bluetooth-enable device.

In addition, the oven now includes an external barcode scanner that allows users to scan and transmit the barcode to the combi oven, sending the recipe directly to the oven. Users can also print a list of recipes, each with its unique barcode, for staff to easily and quickly scan.