Hitachi RFID Powder for Anti-counterfeit and Theft Applications

Hitachi RFID PowderThe Hitachi RFID powder chip is the smallest form of RFID technology available, measuring just .05mm x .055mm. Each chip contains a 128-bit ROM that can store a unique 38 digit number. Because of their small size, Hitachi RFID powder chips have gotten the attention of those in the jewelry industry, and hope to be implemented as anti-theft devices. If a piece of jewelry is stolen, the tags will be able to track the item, preventing it from being resold and lost forever. Since each chip will be invisibly embedded, criminals will not be able to tamper with them and because the 38 digit code is integrated into the chips circuitry, counterfeiting will be impossible.

In addition to preventing jewelry theft, the tags are small enough that they could be embedded into paper pulp, which could aid in the counterfeiting of currency, passports, and gift certificates.

Although the Hitachi RFID powder chip was invented in 2007, Hitachi plans to market it in 2009. At the top of their prospect list is Wal-Mart, who hopes to implement Hitachi’s RFID technology on everything from shampoo, to bread, to clothing.

Although you may need a microscope, keep a look out for Hitachi’s RFID powder, possibly coming to a store near you in 2009!