HipVoice Introduces Push-to-Talk Technology Across Networks and Providers

Push-to-Talk Across Networks and ProvidersTypically with Push-to-talk technology, users must communicate within the same network, or among the same provider. With revolutionary push-to-talk technology called HipCast from HipVoice, push-to-talk users can now communicate across many different networks all throughout the world.

This type of solution will revolutionize enterprise businesses with workers in and outside the four walls. By using Hipcast, companies will now be able to immediately communicate between any and all of its workers, no matter where they are located. Currently, HipCast is compatible with Rugged PDA’s, Walkie Talkies, Smartphones, and Desktop PC’s, but they are quickly working on implementing their technology on iPhone, Blackberry, and Nokia devices.

If you’re interested in learning more on HipVoice’s push-to-talk technology, you can watch their HipCast demonstration or walkie talkie video.

If you’d like to start using HipCast push-to-talk technology to keep your company connected, you can have the solution implemented on any or all of your compatible devices through a VAR.