Hiku Shopping List Assistant

If you’ve ever put something on your shopping list, but then forgot to get it at the store, it can be frustrating. What’s even more frustrating is when that item you really need doesn’t even make it onto the list—then there’s no hope!

Luckily, Hiku is here to help solve all of your shopping list needs. Hiku is a small, round device that features a microphone and barcode scanner. With the push of a button, it allows you to build your grocery list in conjunction with a mobile app. Simply scan the barcode of an item you are running out of and it will appear on a list in the app. The Hiku has a magnetic backing, so it’s ideal for sticking on the fridge and scanning as you run out of items.

Say you have an item from a specialty store—the Hiku may not recognize the barcode, but it allows you to speak the item, then scan its barcode, in order to add it to the database for future reference.

Currently, the Hiku barcode scanner is priced at $80 and is available for iOS devices.

See the Hiku in action: