High Capacity Color Barcodes

I was just reading about the newest barcode technology developed by Microsoft Research, High Capacity Color Barcodes, and I had to share.  According to Microsoft, this new barcode technology utilizes advanced computer imaging devices to create higher density storage of data on analog printed media.  These High Capacity Color Barcodes are intended for use on media related products such as movies and video games.  High Capacity Color Barcodes (HCCB) achieve this higher density by using different symbol shapes and multiple colors.  They’re pretty crazy looking, as you can see from the two examples at left from Microsoft.  In fact, HCCB barcodes were on exhibit at New York’s Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) through May.

Since HCCB uses multiple colors, it allows more information to be stored in the same space as a traditional barcode.  In fact, up to 3,500 characters can be embedded into a square inch of space.  That’s roughly double what a barcode can hold.  Of course, HCCB isn’t intended to replace barcodes, but rather enhance what they’re already capable of.  Because HCCB data can be read by cell phones, digital cameras and Web cams, Microsoft believes this will allow consumers to capture data from products to learn more about pricing, product information and promotions.  To read more about High Capacity Color Barcodes Click Here.