Herbert Group and Apex Supply Chain Technologies Team Up to Offer New Retail Solutions in the UK

Recently, a partnership between Herbert Group and Apex Supply Chain Technologies brings new and exciting business solutions to UK retailers. Mark Channen, Head of Marketing at Herbert has this to say about the partnership, “Our mission is to deliver innovative productivity solutions, and Apex’s unique mix of technology and innovation adds real consumer benefit and also a new value layer to UK retailers. The Apex solution easily integrates with a customer’s online solution, to quickly enable a very powerful click-and-collect or self-serve solution, extending brand appeal, enhancing Omni channel presence, and engagement with the physical store.” The company has a long and successful 250-year history of offering valuable solutions to the retail market and this partnership will serve both Apex and Herbert well.

Apex and Herbert both have the advantage of longevity. Herbert is a well-respected staple in the manufacturing industry with more than 250 years of experience offering innovative product solutions to the retail market. Apex has relationships with major players in the United States like P&G and 3M, and it has been offering smart solutions to businesses all over the world since 2006. With 60,000 of their product combinations in more than 15,000 businesses stretched across 40 countries, Apex has changed the landscape of the Omni channel fulfillment world. This partnership will offer retail focused smart self-serve kiosks and click-and-collect lockers to UK retailers.

Julian Adams, Managing Director of Apex Europe says, “Apex devices offer an efficient and convenient opportunity to place an order online and pick up the purchased items from a stylish, sleek and secure locker. No shipping, no waiting, no hassle!” The Apex product line answers a need in the UK for a seamless Omni channel experience across mobile, kiosks, social, e-commerce, and brick-and-mortar outlets. Speed and flexibility are high priorities when fulfilling orders through new shopping channels.

Offering an ideal combination of high quality hardware and high tech software, Apex self-serve kiosks and lockers accommodate any item and the Apex Trajectory Cloud offers users real-time data on inventory at every level of the supply chain. These flexible systems integrate into retailers’ existing platforms, providing important information about their customers’ loyalty, buying habits, and trends. The cloud offers a unified transition platform that provides secure data accessible from any internet connection 24/7.

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