Hands-free Barcode Scanning for Medication Administration

Medical personnel can often get stuck with repetitive tasks, such as scanning barcodes, which takes away focus from on the patient. Typically, once a patients’ wristband is scanned, multiple items, such as prescriptions, also need to be scanned.

In order to do this, some clinicians will arrange medications on their work station with barcodes facing towards them, spacing each far apart to ensure they are scanning the right one at the right time. The alternative would be to hold the scanner in one hand and the barcoded item in the other hand. These methods require either both hands to be occupied, or waste time arranging items. In addition, the process is difficult to do in a dark room and distracts from the patient.

Honeywell’s new Xenon 1902 cordless barcode scanner offers a solution, allowing for hands-free scanning with an easy-to-use base. In addition, there is a lamp functionality, so clinicians are able to have some direct light, without disturbing patients. Watch the Xenon 1902 in action:

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