GS1 Strives For Mobile Communication Standards

As mobile communications continue to grow and consumers are doing practically everything from their cellular phones, it’s important for companies to realize that standards are necessary. The GS1 has noticed the growing mobile communication market and has developed a Management Board to implement a set of standards for it.

The GS1 Management Board plans to develop global standards for Mobile Commerce, leading global companies to support development of global standards for trusted, efficient communication between businesses and consumers via mobile phones.

The GS1 Management board has recently agrees that they need to become a key player in creating a trusted and efficient communication between businesses and consumers (B2C). The board recognized the opportunity for the industry to extend GS1 standards that are already being used for Business-to-Business (B2B) processes to the realm of B2C. The following areas will be affected:

  • Identification Keys
  • Data Carriers (Bar codes and RFID tags)
  • Product data related to consumer information
  • Data exchange

The Management Board has requested that the GS1 partner with manufacturers, retailers, solutions providers, mobile phone manufacturers, operators and associations to agree on these open, global standards.

B2C GS1 standards will allow their relationship with consumers to extend to trips to both the store and online ordering via the internet or mobile phones.

In an effort to avoid complexities while reducing costs and ensuring interoperability, the GS1 recommends the use of global and open standards and strongly encourages companies to join the GS1 Management Board.

Since brands and retailers are convinced that mobile technology is key for engaging with consumers, the GS1 is ready to help the industry drive further efficiencies and develop how consumer action is developed on new mobile technologies.