GS1 Standards Help Businesses Unleash Their True Potential

GS1 US aims to support the widespread use and adoption of GS1 standards among businesses to enhance product identification.

GS1 Standards are a type of shared language that is used among businesses to identify, share and manage product data between supply chains, customers and trading partners. The results are lower costs, better customer experiences, and more streamlined operations.

Broad Range of Industries Can Gain from GS1

In retail grocery, for example, GS1 US helps to meet the growing consumer demand for extensive product information. It also helps retailers to adhere to increasingly strict regulatory requirements and enable swift responses in the case of recalls.

Foodservice also has a lot to gain by embracing GS1 standards. For example, it can help reduce food wastage, boost efficiency and enhance the safety of food so that restaurants and other food service outlets can remain competitive and keep quality tightly controlled.

In the healthcare industry, GS1 US is being used to increase efficiencies and allow organizations to deliver the high-quality care customers expect while making cost savings. It makes it easier to share vital data and also helps boost accuracy – and nowhere is accuracy more pressing than it is in healthcare, where patient safety is of the utmost importance.

GS1 standards have helped the merchandise and apparel segments improve operations for more than four decades, and they have proven particularly useful in the recent trend toward online omnichannel retail. They allow retailers to give consumers the immediate and accurate product information they want, so they can enjoy better search experiences, safer products and more complete product information. GS1 also helps retailers to follow products from the source all the way to the end consumer so they can make sure the right product is always where it needs to be at just the right moment, no matter which channel was used to buy it.

No matter what the industry, GS1 standards help firms to expand their offerings and capabilities, find better ways to do business, meet new challenges, gain efficiencies, and remain competitive.

This blog post was based off of an article from GS1 US. View the original here.

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