GS1 Global Data Dictionary

With ever-changing business standards and the constant need to invent new ones, there becomes a need to keep track of all the terminology associated with such standards. The storage for these terms is the GS1 Global Data Dictionary, or GDD, which allows users to search for the information they need in a variety of different ways.

GDD Search
Look up business terms and display associated documents, definitions and data types.

GDD Reports
View all of the information related to a business message in a technical document.

GDD Code Lists
View code list values and value definitions of GS1 code lists.

Extended Attributes
The GS1 realizes that there are local data needs and specific trading partner needs that are not supported in the global standard today, thus the need for extended attributes.

GS1 Standards Knowledge Center
Access published GSMP standards documents and implementation guides.

GDD FastTrack
Attributes that have been successfully voted on are published to an Accepted GDD FastTrack Attribute Report.

EANCOM Mapping
Map all messages related to the choreography into EANCOM 2002 that can be handled by final users.

A cross referenced listing of the published GS1 Glossaries.

GDSN Validation Rules
Foundational rules that ensure the information about item data conforms to a common structure and complies with global standards.